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NetGladiator GSS and GHW Terms & Conditions

(GSS) NetGladiator Software & Support (GHW) NetGladiator Hardware Warranty

NetGladiator Software & Support (GSS)  (back to top)

Upon purchase of a new NetGladiator from APConnections,Inc., we require the purchase of one (1) year of NetGladiator Software & Support (GSS). Your initial GSS investment is minimal compared to the value we offer, which we believe is unique in the IPS space. We have security experts who are also white knights (friendly hackers) perform an initial security assessment to customize your NetGladiator configuration, based on your web presence, in order to best meet your needs.

GSS includes one year (1) of Product Configuration Support (defined below) via phone or email. We also ship the unit with the latest software installed.

  • For the coverage period, GSS includes access to Product Configuration Support, via phone and email.  Product Configuration Support includes the initial security assessment, initial custom configuration, and support to apply software updates.  Product Configuration Support is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Mountain Time.
  • Emergency Support is not covered by GSS. Due to the varying requirements of each customer, this is negotiated separately upfront. Emergency Support is available by phone, 24x7, 365 days a year. To establish an Emergency Support Contract, contact us at or 303.997.1300 extension 123.
  • NetGladiator Software & Support (GSS) is a one-year subscription that is purchased per unit.
  • GSS must be purchased for all units that you wish to have supported, and can be purchased at any time (without having to pay “back fees” for previous years).
  • It is renewable on a yearly basis, or can be purchased at a discount in 2 or 3 year packages.
  • GSS covers access to all software upgrades applicable to your unit.
  • While initial P2P Blocking set-up and activation is purchased separately (see NG-P2P on our price list), NG-P2P software upgrades ARE covered under GSS.
  • For Support after the initial 1 year of GSS expires, you must re-new NetGladiator Software & Support (GSS).

Contact us at or 303.997.1300 extension 123, to purchase GSS or to see if you are current on GSS for your existing units.

NetGladiator Hardware Warranty (GHW)  (back to top)

Upon purchase of a new NetGladiator from APConnections,Inc., the hardware is warranted for 90 days from purchase, included in the purchase price.  For hardware warranty after the initial 90 days, you must purchase a NetGladiator Hardware Warranty (GHW) upfront.

  • NetGladiator Hardware Warranty (GHW) is a one-year warranty that is purchased per unit.
  • GHW must be purchased for all units that you wish to have supported, and must be purchased upfront (at the same time you purchase the original equipment).
  • For those that purchase GHW upfront, it is renewable up to 3 years.
  • Once a hardware failure is diagnosed, APConnections reserves the right to ship replacement parts, where appropriate.
  • APConnections will cross-ship a replacement unit, in cases of total equipment failure. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to return the previous unit to APConnections.
  • GHW applies to all hardware components within the NetGladiator.
  • Contact us at or 303.997.1300 extension 123, to see if you are current on GHW for your existing units.
  • GHW warranty is void if equipment displays evidence of physical abuse or water damage.

A good practice to protect your hardware investment, like all your data center equipment, is to install your NetGladiator on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), in order to protect from power surges and electrical shock.