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About APconnections

APconnections is an innovation-driven technology company that delivers best-in-class network traffic management solutions to give our customers better networks, with zero maintenance, at the best prices.  We specialize in turn-key bandwidth shaping and intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliances.

"Better Networks. Zero Maintenance. Best Prices."

Since 2003, APconnections' mission has been to provide simple turn-key network optimization appliances to any network topology.  Our core offering to-date has been bandwidth shaping appliances to create faster networks; we now offer intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliances to create secure networks.

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APconnections Installation Map
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A part of APconnections' mission has always been "to make networks work better".  Our company goal is to provide fully-featured traffic shaping and intrusion prevention system (IPS) products that are simple to install, easy to use, and require little maintenance.   Additionally, we believe that network management solutions can be priced fairly, and so we offer what we believe to be the most cost-effective solutions on the market.  To learn more about our pricing, contact us.

APconnections is based in Lafayette, Colorado, USA.  We released our first commercial offering in July 2003, and since then thousands of customers all over the world have put our products into service.  Today, our flexible and scalable solutions can be found in many types of public and private organizations of all sizes across the globe, including: Fortune 500 companies, major universities, K-12 schools, Internet providers, law firms, hotels, hospitals, libraries, business centers, small businesses, non-profits, military, and government agencies on six (6) continents.

About the NetGladiator

NetGladiator IPS appliances both detect and prevent network intrusions. NetGladiator IPS is a simple, elegant, turn-key appliance, utilizing our proprietary "gladiator" technology to keep your network secure from hackers and ensuring bandwidth availability for your legitimate network users.

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We defend your network.  Our unique, heuristics-based IPS system uses deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to monitor incoming requests, looking for abnormalities in the traffic patterns, which represent potential intrusion attempts. We then both block the intrusion and notify your network administrators, who can analyze the attempt further and fix any possible entry breach points in your network without dealing with an attack in progress.

We reduce time spent assessing potential threats.  The NetGladiator automatically blocks hackers without manual intervention, freeing up your network administrators for more value-added tasks.

Our solutions are fast.  We leveraged our expertise in real-time optimization to make sure that we minimize additional latency on your network due to running an IPS solution. The toolset is built upon a parallel processing paradigm, enabling NetGladiator to swiftly detect and thwart potential hackers.

We make it easy on you.  NetGladiator installs in minutes, intelligently blocking hackers without administrators having to manually intervene and police your network. It's possible because of our unique "gladiator" intrusion prevention technology that utilizes heuristic-based algorithms to automatically detect and prevent intrusions. Results are a secure network, with more bandwidth available to your legitimate network users.