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NetGladiator Hacking Challenge

We believe that we can find significant vulnerabilities in your website(s), which if left alone could leave you at risk for a large-scale exploitation of data.

For only $1,000 USD, we will try to ethically hack your website(s).  If we find something, we will give you a detailed report of what we found and how to fix it.   We can then discuss security controls and appliances that will help you to reduce your risk going forward.

If we don’t find anything, we will refund you the $1,000 USD.

It’s that simple.

Contact us today to learn more.

email: or call: 303.997.1300 x.123

NetGladiator IPS appliance

About NetGladiator:  The NetGladiator IPS appliance both detects and prevents network intrusions on multiple levels of your infrastructure. NetGladiator IPS is a simple, elegant, turn-key appliance, and can be configured to block custom requests. Our cutting edge technology protects your web applications and keeps your network secure from hackers, while ensuring bandwidth availability for your legitimate network users.

The NetGladiator Hacking Challenge is available for a limited time to qualified candidates within the continental United States and can be rescinded at any time for any reason.  Qualified candidates include US-based businesses looking to secure their web applications.  Sorry, at this time consumers do not qualify to participate.   Candidate qualification and participation is determined at the sole discretion of APconnections. See Important Details to learn more about participation.

Important Details on the Hacking Challenge  (back to top)

  • Hacking Challenge participants must assign a technical contact to work with APconnections' ethical hackers (white knights) during the Challenge.
  • All work by APconnections security experts is done remotely. They will not harm your network nor access sensitive data. APconnections' ethical hackers will seek to find entry points for the purpose of educating you on your areas of risk.
  • The Hacking Challenge typically can be performed in 1-2 business days.